World BASC Organization

Basc Services and Benefits

Services and benefits


Companies that become BASC certified members will obtain the following benefits:

  • International recognition as a member of the World BASC Organization (WBO).
  • Differentiation when implementing the BASC Security and Control Management System (SGCS).
  • Inclusion in the Worldwide certified BASC companies database.
  • Availability of competent International auditor teams for verification of th e implementation and review of the BASC Management System.
  • Beneficiary of Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) signed by WBO with customs, border control authorites and international organizations.
  • Representation and facilitation of contacts with foreign trade authorities.Greater confidence on the part of the authorities.
  • Reduction of costs and risks arising from the control of the company’s processes.
  • Transfer of knowledge and experience in Supply Chain Security.
  • Facilitation and networking with contacts in different countries through the BASC chapters global network.
  • Specialized training courses in topics related to international trade security.
  • Preferential rates for participation in WBO and joint cooperation events.
  • Information and updating on topics related to international trade activities.


Customs that cooperate and work with BASC have the following benefits:

  • Identify other selectivity tools to develop customs risk management programs.
  • Increase awareness of international business security and operational policies and procedures.
  • Improve risk profiles and evaluation of threats.
  • Maximize customs resources.
  • Ensure an efficient flow of commerce without reducing border controls.
  • Working with companies to improve internal procedures based on a specific country.


Benefits for Countries:

  • A more efficient control and reduce of risks on customs fraud, smuggling, terrorism, illicit drug trafficking in legitime trade.
  • Facilitation of trade between nations in an secure and agile manner.