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BASC International Training and audits Center CICAB / WBO

The BASC International Training and audits Center CICAB / WBO is created as a result of a modern vision in human resource training that actively participates in the education of Corporate Security Management related to processes in  the international Supply chain. Our main objective is the promotion our education and training programs for professionals working in areas of Security and inteternational trade.
BASC’s training center, CICAB plans, promotes and develops those training courses that will allow for the BASC International Auditors to be trained and updated on their cognitive, and procedural knowledge, ensuring that they acquire and sustain professional skills that enable them to perform profesional audits for companies that have implemented the BASC certification or who are planning to implement it. BASC Auditors evaluate and ensure that the BASC Security and Control Management System is implemented and continuosly working in optimal conditions.